Aviator Has Landed At Betway

Get ready to take to the skies and watch as the multipliers soar in Aviator, the most popular crash game on the continent.
Stand to win millions on a single bet simply by cashing out at just the right moment, and see why it’s a go-to favourite for casino players.

How to play Aviator

Choose your bet amount and place up to two bets per round, before the round begins. The round will start with the plane taking off, and, as it flies, there will be a number that increases the longer and higher the plane flies. This is the multiplier, and it will determine how much your bet will be multiplied by when you cash out. If you haven’t cashed out before the plane flies off the screen, then you’ll lose your bet. Wait long enough to cash out on a round when the multiplier reaches a big number, and you could get a payout in the millions.
It might be a super simple game to play but it has the power to entertain for hours. Try Aviator for yourself and see what the hype is all about.

Play Aviator at Betway

Aviator features

At Betway, you can enjoy Aviator features such as being able to place up to two bets per round, for double the opportunity, as well as Auto Bet and Auto Cash Out. Auto Bet will automatically place your bets for every round after you specify an amount – all you need to do is cash out. Auto Cash Out will automatically cash out your bet if the multiplier reaches the number you’ve specified. You’ll see checkboxes for both Auto Bet and Auto Cash Out at the bottom of the bet panel, and you can even choose to use separate features for each of your two bets per round.

Place Your Aviator Bets at Betway

All that’s left to do is take to the skies and play Aviator. Visit betway.mw, sign up or log in and start playing today.

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Published: 03/27/2024