Boost your wins up to 300% on FlyX™ Win Boost

Bet on FlyX™ Win Boost
For all the fans of crash games, Betway is bringing you a brand-new experience - FlyX™ Win Boost. All you need to do to play is place your bets and watch the multiplier rise. Then cash out at the right time to win before the caped hero flies away. FlyX™ Win Boost let’s you place two bets at the same time, giving you the chance to win up to 10,000x your bet.
That’s the background behind this superhero story – now we can get into what makes FlyX™ Win Boost a stand out game.

Putting the ‘boost’ in FlyX™ Win Boost

As you can tell by the name, FlyX™ Win Boost has an exciting new feature that is exclusive to Betway that let’s you increase your wins even further. Every time you cash out when the multiplier is 2x or higher, your win will be boosted. The higher and higher the multiplier climbs, the bigger the boost will be. This amazing Win Boost feature means that every bet you place on FlyX™ Win Boost with Betway is way more valuable.

Blast-off with up to 300% boosted wins

Let’s break down exactly how powerful your boosts will be on FlyX™ Win Boost with Betway
Multiplier at Cash Out % Win Boost
2x 1%
5x 2%
10x 3%
20x 5%
50x 10%
100x 20%
500x 50%
1,500x 200%
3,000x 300%

So if you’re lucky enough to see the multiplier climb all the way to 3,000x in a round, your win could be tripled, all thanks to Betway and their exclusive feature on FlyX™ Win Boost
Go for super-powered payouts with Betway
So if the massive boosts on FlyX™ Win Boost have got you interested, make sure to visit today and see just how far your next bet can go.

Fly X Winboost
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Published: 06/10/2024